Griffoni Valle Piana, a traditionally agricultural area, has taken a firm place, in the last decades, in the cultural-touristic sector thanks to the Giffoni Experience, which has literally transformed the territory.

The Giffoni Multimedia Valley project, natural development of the Cittadella del Cinema (Citadel of Cinema), will definitively mark the city as the headquarters of hospitality and of cinema dedicated to young people.

The town government administration, particularly in the last decade, has made great effort to grow the local infrastructure in tune with the new needs. Many new welcoming/hospitality structures have been created in the area, such as bed-and-breakfasts, guest houses and other types of structures to offer visitors adequate facilities.

From its glorious past until today’s Giffoni Experience, culture has now found a home in the restoration of churches and monuments . The rebirth of Borgo Medievale di Terravecchia (Medieval Village of Terravecchia) is particularly interesting, because it has restored the most antique façade to the oldest settlement of the land. The wine and food sector is enriched thanks to the rediscovery and appreciation of tastes and flavours of the territory and of typical local products, like hazelnuts that boast the PGI certification, PDO olive oil, chestnuts, and forest products like mushrooms and truffles. The natural aspect of the territory hasn't been ignored either, through the creation of hiking trails towards the uncontaminated mountains of the Accellica range, within the regional park of Monte Picentini. Giffoni is an open city all year round, generously offering opportunities and new scenarios to visitors and tourists. Its particular geographic location makes it possible to reach the places in the valley, at the sea, or the archaeological sites of Paestum, Pompei and Herculaneum in just a few minutes.